RS2:317:Initialize Ignore List

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Initialize Ignore List
Sends the hashed version of each of name of the Player's ignore list.
Opcode 214
Length N/A

Initialize Ignore List

This packet sends the hashed version of all ignored player's names.


Step One: Set ignore count

The client divides the size of the packet by 8 (since each name is sent in 8-byte hashes (QWord), then applies it to the ignore list size variable.

ignoreListSize = packetSize / 8;

Step Two: Add names

The client loops runs a loop 'ignoreCount' times. Each iteration of the loop will read a QWord from the buffer and add it to an array.

for(int i = 0; i < ignoreListSize; i++)
    ignoredPlayerHashes[i] = stream.getLong(); //Note - getLong is more commonly 'readQWord()'.