RS2:317:Send sidebar interface

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Send sidebar interface
Assigns an interface to on of the tabs in the game sidebar.
Opcode 71
Type Fixed
Length 4

Send Sidebar Interface


This packet assigns an interface to one of the tabs in the game sidebar.

Packet Structure

Data Type Description
Byte The packet opcode (71).
Short The interface ID.
Byte Special A The sidebar ID.


The below are the different values for this packet.

Interface (Icon) Interface ID Sidebar ID
Attack type 5855 0
Stats 3917 1
Quests 638 2
Inventory 3213 3
Wearing 1644 4
Prayer 5608 5
Magic 1151 6
Friends list 5065 8
Ignore list 5715 9
Log out 2449 10
Settings* 904 11
Settings** 4445 11
Emotes 147 12
Music* 962 13
Music** 6299 13

Interface Variations

Because clients can come in two different variations, high and low memory (or highmem and lowmem), some interfaces have variations. You can tell if a client is a high or low memory client from the login process login exchange, which is the packet in the Pre-World process with the opcode of 16.

* = Interface for high memory clients

** = Interface for low memory clients

It should be noted that you should only send one of the interfaces if they come in a low/high memory version. It should also be noted that you can mix and match interface types, so you can send the high memory sidebar interface for Settings and the low memory sidebar interface for Music.