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Announcement: Registration disabled

Registration has been disabled on to prevent bot spam. Please reach out on Discord if you would like edit access. has been placed in a read-only state and serves as a content snapshot from 2009/2010.

Welcome to RuneWiki!

Welcome to our community-sourced RSPS documentation! Please feel free to help document anything you think is pertinent to the game engine and network architecture. It's such an interesting topic to me and I don't want any information to get lost completely.

Most of my effort has been on RuneScape Protocol, RS2:317, and RS2:317:Cache through my own reverse engineering efforts. It's been a fairly busy year and I haven't been able to dedicate as much time as I would've wanted to. My inactivity does not mean this wiki is dead and I hope to release some interesting articles on writing a server from scratch at some point.

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